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Two years into a pandemic, I can see absolutely no way that JC has helped maintain a safe working environment for our patients. If the last two years have showed us anything, it’s that this organization is entirely useless, and it’s really time for healthcare workers to demand they are shut down.

Obstruction to patient care, the whole lot of them. Federal bureaucrats who try to justify their salaries by enforcing ever fickle "guidelines" based on shoddy or nonexistent "research" to make themselves feel like they own our every movement.

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Why do we even need the Joint Commission? As of late, they seem to justify their existence by writing up hospitals for things that don't directly impact patient care. I think originally there was a good intent but that has been eroded through decades of bureaucracy.

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Surgeons, cardiologists, ENTs (you especially): I've been on the receiving end of your most choice words and expressions of hatred at 2 AM when you're being paid to be on call and I dared to call you.

“Literally who ever decided that we need these bozos to “protect” patients from the horrors of drinks at the nurse’s station and unlaminated paper? They are doing nothing during this pandemic to assist patients or staff and I wish they would just go away.”